This convertible desk Florian Jouy It is an ideal piece to keep as an auxiliary bed for guests or for small spaces where we can not have many pieces of furniture, only the necessary ones. Example, the studies or the new micro-flats of 2 square meters of which we had knowledge last week and of which we will speak to you soon, as soon as we gather more information.

Especially for the latter would be an exceptional furniture. In a single piece of furniture we could have, desk to put our objects, table to eat, bed to sleep and even a small space to store in the form of a lateral drawer.

Its modular design is inspired by the way students live, often in small apartments with tiny rooms where, depending on the trust they have with their peers, they have more or less things in their room.

If you need to study it is a simple desk with a comfortable seat, and when you want to sleep you just have to remove the chair, unfold the wood and place the mattress on it.

Via: The Design Blog

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  1. the product that you comment on Florian Jouy, where can I get it in Spain? because the idea is great, but if you do not say where or how to get it and at what price ...

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