Thinking about children's decoration is to think about high decoration costs, but only in appearance since, like many decorative proposals, it is necessary to have a wide imagination that will allow us to decorate with the minimum investment obtaining remarkable results and above all insurance.

decorating the bedroom of the little-

We will focus on recycling and transforming pieces of furniture adapting them to children's decoration, taking care of the performance of the child, in something that we can call proof of the child observing what details we should correct so thatOur child develops without major difficulties in his space.

decorating the bedroom of the small9

Thinking about the furniture can be antool to fill existing gaps, one of them are electrical outlets, If you are not willing to promote structural reforms, you should think about furniture that hides and obstructs the arrival to electrical outlets, although the ideal is to raise them, to avoid the problem, considering that the child can use objects to reach them.

decorating the bedroom of the small6

With regarding the vintage imagine that pieces of furniture that are disused or Gray tone can be dressed in color and joy to decorate the bedroom of our child, to consider is the type of paint which should be advised by obtaining paint without lead or any toxic element, in turn the morphology of the furniture must be modified, avoid the tips at right angles, and accessories for opening drawers that can damage the small, remove legs where the small store to discover that there is under furniture and damage or accumulate dust under it.

decorating the bedroom of the small1

The beds are one of the most transcendental elements for them we found two well-marked trends one is to bet on cardboard, a modular structure that promotes firmness attached to the wall and an accessory structure in cardboard with nice colors and nice highlights, another tool is the use of fiber, as it happens with the appliqués in cars with this technique we can create thematic beds with great subtlety and an appropriate investment.

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decorating the bedroom of the little one

Shelving and several pieces of furniture can be created from the carton as well as a small table with chairs to paint and draw which will have a much shorter life than its namesake in wood but it will allow us to provide a suitable space for the child with a low investment while he really needs it.

decorating the bedroom of the small0

The appliances in your room should be raised, as well as reducing its weight, supports for televisions the choice of plasma TV is always a brilliant idea, not only for the energy saving but for its low weight when defining them in height, preventing them from falling and causing an accident, dispose of wood panels at a height of 1.20 mts, as if it were A large socket, will allow the child to paint freely without damaging our wall, and they are very simple to clean.

decorating the bedroom of the pequeñop

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