Use your ingenuity and imagination to create personal places enhancing the functionality of the rooms. Analyze the rooms and think about the match that you can take to each corner.

In this image we see how a section has been achieved, fully functional, whose purpose is a office - dressing table

The homes that suffer enjoy square meters can be the ideal to carry out great options like this one in which we see the achievement of integrate the office and the dressing table in the same space.

On this occasion, for enhance the luminosity, it has opted for the lacquered white color, as the protagonist of its finishes. The window helps natural light and this is reflected in the white of the furniture, thus adding to the rest of the environment.

To take advantage of the space, the furniture has been placed in U-shape. In this way the storage place is used for the different objects and articles that can accumulate in the room. A small and well-organized house will be our secret.

As final details It has given a little color with textiles. In this case a carpet in dark tones, will provide that color we are looking for. The dynamics come to us, from the beautiful pattern, with the wallpaper of the walls.

Glass or glass objects They will add strength to the lighting, thanks to their transparencies, as we can see in the chandelier lamp decorated with crystals, the table lamp with glass base or the transparent chair in methacrylate.