Mirrors are essential in the bathroom for personal care and hygiene. further improve functionality, aesthetics and visually expand the space. There is a great variety of models and designs to choose from. Next we show you a guide of bathroom mirrors so that you know the different options and alternatives

Tips for choosing bathroom mirrors

Modern bathroom mirrors
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You must take into account some factors when choosing the most suitable model for your home.

  • The bathroom mirror must have the right dimensions. It has reflect without any problem the upper part of the torso and the head of the people who are going to use it.
  • Being one of the most used elements must have a leading role, above the sink.
  • It is advisable to place the bathroom mirrors to a prudential distance from the toilet to avoid the annoying splashes.
Wall-to-wall bathroom mirrors
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  • To gain in luminosity and amplitude bet on a custom wall-to-wall mirror.
  • The height of the mirror is an important factor. Normally the bathroom countertop has a distance from the floor of 70 cm. You have to leave a minimum distance between the sink and the 35 mirror cm.
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The functionality of bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors with storage
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When choosing the bathroom mirror you must take into account two important factors: Functionality and design. If you manage to unite both concepts, you will have achieved the ideal model that covers your tastes and needs.

The location of the mirror is the first decision you should make. From then on you can take into account other factors: the size, the storage capacity forms ...

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Bathroom mirrors with shelf
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Bathroom mirrors with shelf. Having a small shelf can be very useful to clear the area of ​​the sink. For example of beauty products, grooming ...

Romi mirror. It had a time of great popularity, and nowadays it has been updated. This model having a extra storage area, it can be a great solution for small spaces.

Bathroom mirrors for small spaces

Bathroom mirrors for small spaces

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Choosing the mirror for the bathroom can be a complicated task. In addition to aesthetics you have to have consider its functionality, since it is an element that we use daily for our personal hygiene. Without the bathroom mirrors it would be very complicated to carry out certain activities such as brushing our teeth, combing our hair, shaving ...

Bathroom mirrors with white furniture
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For small bathrooms add a large mirror It is a solution to win luminosity and enhance the visual amplitude. If you also have a natural light input will multiply these effects. The height and arrangement of the bathroom mirrors can be essential to improve their functionality.

Round bathroom mirrors

Round bathroom mirrors
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Nobody can imagine a bathroom without a mirror, because we need it for many activities that take place in this room. In addition to carrying the daily ritual of beauty you can turn it into a decorative element. The Round mirrors are trend for several seasons and are still very present in interior decoration.

Minimalist round bathroom mirrors
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In the bathroom you can see all sizes and designs: minimalist style, roof slopes, hanging on the wall, supported on a shelf ... Minimalist models are characterized by being the simplest (no frame or very thin).

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Round vintage bathroom mirrors
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If you want to give the bathroom a vintage or retro look bet on round bathroom mirrors hanging from the ceiling or wall using a rope.

Bathroom mirrors with LED lights

Bathroom mirrors with LED lighting
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The lighting in the bathroom is of the utmost importance and one of the elements that most interact with it are the bathroom mirrors. Models with built-in LED lights have great advantages:

  • This type of Lighting is more economical, effective and ecological.
  • It is a perfect lighting system for bathrooms.
  • The lighting of the mirrors must have a certain power and orientation so that there are no reflections or shadows. The mirrors with LED light already have it distributed in such a way so that illuminate evenly.
Bathroom mirrors with backlighting
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  • In the bathroom you need a general light on the ceiling and then another near the mirror. It is also advisable to have a environmental lighting, which serves for moments of relaxation or to get oriented at night.
  • There are models in which you can regulate the power. Others have more powerful lights in the mirror and more diffuse behind, to create ambient lighting.
Bathroom mirrors with LED lights
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  • Types of mirrors with LED lights: With horizontal light (with an LED strip or one above and one below). Two LED strips on both sides, offering ideal lighting for makeup or shaving without shadows. Perimeter lightl, that the best lighting. Backlighting: they carry the lights on the back and generate a very pleasant ambient light.
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What do you think of these ideas for choosing bathroom mirrors? I hope that they help you when choosing the most suitable model for your bathroom.