Lladró is one of the most important porcelain manufacturing companies in Spain, but the most important one. It was created in 1953 by Juan, José, and Vicente Lladró, three brothers who decided to start their own business innovating year after year in their creations and applied techniques.

They made and carried out traditional figures, women, harlequins, hunting parties, animals, vases, etc ... and new creations as time passes and they adapt to the new trends, but what we are dealing with today is their collection of mirrors.

They are inside the Wall Art line of LLadró and are mirrors framed in porcelain with ornamental figures that evoke us to the eighteenth century, combining in this way the modern and classic touch. It is made in six finishes: red, green, white, black, white and gold and white and silver, and gloss or matte finishes.

This collection is made in a limited series of 300 units, so there will be only a few who can enjoy one of them at home, others can continue to admire its beauty through the screen or paper.

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