Mirrors in interior decoration

Along with the appropriate furniture and adequate lighting, the mirrors are a beautiful and useful solution, and a special supplement in the decoration of a harmonious home.

By reflecting the light from the outside, the mirror soothes the ambience composed of furniture in dark tones, and creates the illusion that the room is larger.

For the Chinese, the house is a projection of ourselves and, therefore, it should be the most pleasant place in the world. Having mirrors in the house helps maintain positive energy and to prevent negative energy from entering the home. In the living room, the mirror should reflect the table where you eat.

A model of mirror that rests on the floor, not only is an excellent ally to increase the brightness of a space, but also gives an informal air to the room.

A round mirror in the room favors relationships and creates a harmonious set with the mirror that rests on the floor. If you are superstitious, never place in front of a bed, as it should not reflect a person while asleep.

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  1. very interesting! but one thing to take into account with very large mirrors, are children = <you never know when a ball can end up in one of those mirrors

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