At present, families are becoming smaller and their members more varied day by day; We start by counting ourselves, our partner, the children -which can be one, two or three-, the dog, the plants and the car. For all we need some space, individual and collective; rooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, study, garden and garage, and how to have it becomes more and more complicated, the ingenuity has made us improvise with variations such as studios-bedroom, gardens-garage, dining-kitchen and hall-TV room . The most common is to get the furniture as small as possible and thus make better use of space, but we also have a possibility that we must not forget: the furniture that serves one thing, you give them a twist, and now they are perfect for another.


This is the case of the multi-purpose table, DINING TABLE / DESK, which offers the possibility of using it, when it is extended, as a table of meals -of two, four and six seats- or as a desk, when it has been folded. Made in oak and aesthetically inspired by the design of Danish furniture from the middle of the last century, it was designed by the young British designer, LISA SANDALL. To acquire it, all we have to do is visit the website and order it.