Nothing more beautiful than having children. Life changes, priorities change, dreams, projects. The maternal sense is sharpened and now we are no longer alone. It is strange but something changes in our perception of the world and of ourselves. Being a mother is a state that every woman should experience, although it is important to mention that once it is done there is no way to back out. Either way you would not want to stop feeling all that love.

The citizens of the big cities, who usually live in small spaces, will greatly appreciate the help that the Scandinavian designer BO EKSTRÖM provides with his inventions. In particular, parents and mothers will find in the NATHI diaper changing station an economical and effective response to their space problems and the need to have a suitable place to clean their little babies.

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Made of birch wood, sustainably cultivated, and lacquered with non-toxic and water-based paint, the piece can be mounted on any wall of the house and at any height. It opens and closes with one hand. It has compartments to store the cleaning and care products of the baby, a flat and comfortable surface to lay it down while we wash it. More information on the Website