Intelligent Weather Station

From the humidity level to the temperature and light, indoor plants require specific care. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain perfect control of these elements in order to take care of them.

By measuring the indoor environment data, as well as the humidity levels, the indoor temperature and the CO2 levels, the Intelligent Meteorological Station of Netamo and its Intelligent Interior Module are the best partners for interior gardeners.

Pay attention to humidity levels

To keep plants healthy without compromising our well-being, studies have shown that the ideal level of humidity at home is in a range between 40% and 60% of RH. Too dry an environment can dry plants prematurely. This may be the case during the winter when the radiators are on or during the summer when the temperatures are high. With the Intelligent Interior Module of the Weather Station, the user can monitor the humidity level in the room in real time. Moreover, it receives an alert if the humidity level is too low and can act accordingly, putting a large container of water in the room, for example.

Maintains the ideal indoor temperature

Being sensitive to temperature, the plants suffer with too hot air. Therefore, it is important to keep them away from radiators and other heating devices. Although there are plants that can handle temperature changes, there are others that need a stable climate throughout the day. Thus, by setting a precise indoor temperature, the Interior Module of the Intelligent Weather Station allows the user to adjust the temperature in the home and create a healthy environment for the plants.

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Price and Availability

The Intelligent Meteorological Station of Netatmo sells for 169,99 €, the

Smart Rain Gauge for 69,99 € and the Smart Anemometer for 99,99 €. The products are available for buy online at Amazon.

The Netatmo Weather app is free and compatible with iPhones, from iOS 9, and with Android smartphones from 4.2. The Netatmo web application is available on Mac and PC.

About Netatmo

Netatmo is a leading smart home company that creates simple smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home. The ambition of the company is to bring useful technology to the most intimate place it has.

To achieve this goal, Netatmo fulfills four commitments that embody the DNA of the company:

  • Durable design: there is no planned obsolescence.
  • Privacy in its core: from the creation phase, we make sure to guarantee data protection.
  • Useful and reliable: our products make life easier.
  • Well thought-out notifications: we only notify when it's important.

Since 2012, Netatmo has launched thirteen devices and accessories to meet the main demands of the smart home industry. The company offers different solutions to automate the home and make life easier, from its first product in 2012 until today. In addition to its main product range, Netatmo collaborates with key industry leaders in its "with Netatmo" program to expand its reach and continue to grow strategically with smart integrated solutions that fit the infrastructure of homes. Thanks to this strategy, Netatmo can provide simpler, simpler and better domestic experiences.

In November of 2018, Netatmo joined the Legrand Group, the global specialist in electrical and digital infrastructures for buildings. Netatmo, same home, more intelligent.