The shelf Adapt It is an authentic work of ingenuity that manages to solve, with a single piece of furniture, many problems of space.

It is a totally demontable model created by Max Frommeld in which the shelves are composed of wooden rods that must be coupled little by little.

The wood is longer than the structure so that the sides protrude a little. With the remaining portion we can do what we want, as you can see in the photographs. You can leave an equitable distance on both sides or carry all the wood to one side so that we have a protruding shelf.

It is also perfect for inserting in corner walls or corners, as it provides the ease of movement of the woods, which can be placed in various ways.

More information: Mark Frommeld


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  1. We are aware of the functionality of the shelves, in addition the freedom to handle the woods to place them as we are interested is an original sultancy ... .saludos

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