The designer Matthias Ries has designed a practical, original and decorative shelf that will solve many space problems. The human is capricious by nature, we already know that, and we like to change things a thousand times. Now I like this, not now.

That is a problem if we refer to decoration since changing every moment of furniture is a considerable expense. The shelf of Ries Piegato it solves it in part since it is a smooth shelf, which is installed on the wall and does not take up much space.

Its particularity is that the shelves are removed and stored with astonishing ease so that we can have a shelf with three shelves, two, one or none. Are we tired of the shelf below? We remove it. Do we want to put something else ?, we put it back. Simple.

Surprisingly it is made of a single sheet of steel, and not of several pieces as in principle you can think. It can be purchased through the MRDO Products website for a price of 69 €.

More information: Piegato

Via: Hometone