ethnic decoration

The ethnic style decoration is a trend that is increasing.

The ethnic decoration consists of the combination and mixture of objects and decorative elements that evoke different cultures but without following any specific theme.

To achieve an ethnic decoration, the main idea that we must carry out is to place decorative elements, furniture, textiles, textures, colors ... of different cultures or, as we said at the beginning, that evoke different cultures in visible places of the rooms. We could say that the key to achieving the aesthetic effect we want is to combine elements from other cultures or to represent them in some way.
We advise you, for example, to make collections of vases or to make some parca type fabrics.

Keep in mind that to create a harmony while introducing such varied and disparate elements in the decoration we have to locate them and arrange them appropriately. Sometimes it is not easy, if necessary give a thousand laps until that harmony makes an appearance, otherwise the decoration could become overwhelming.

ethnic style room

Faced with an ethnic style decoration the lighting has a lot to say, so we can not forget it. It should be a dim and very warm lighting, arrange it to your liking but do not forget that these two characteristics are fundamental.

As far as colors are concerned, the most common and used are earth tones. But you can combine them with reds, yellows, beiges, oranges ... The use of these colors something more intense in this decoration guy is perfect to give prominence and focus attention on the textures.

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Regarding materials, the natives have much to contribute to this style of decoration: wood, wicker, clay, wool, silk ... are ideal.