We know that you love the nautical style, for this reason today we would like to offer some suggestions for the decoration of rooms in our home. These ideas are perfect for children's spaces.

If you love the sea, surely a nautical decoration for a room or living room will be great in the house. This style is ideal for summer.

The keys we need for this type of decoration lies mainly in the colors. Remember that the range of blues and white color will be the protagonists. We can also include colors such as green, yellow or light blue.

When we think about the furniture we will include natural materials such as pine, beech or ash wood ... yes, in light tones to favor the contrast.

Within the details, we will choose items that remind us and inspire the sea. Within these objects we can inckluir some boats, shells or conches, fish, starfish and everything that comes to mind on this subject.

Finally, the textiles that we will choose will be white or blue fabrics, with vaporous fabrics such as cotton or linen. The stripes will be great protagonists and we can include them in the bedding or tablecloths.