Simple, authentic, imperfect, natural, humble ... There are many things we could say about the wabi sabi style, a trend of interior design from Japan that is based on a fundamental premise: the imperfect, far from being insulted, must be praised and Accepted for its value, its beauty and its veracity. Today we tell you what they are 10 commandments that advocates this style of decorating and living.

wabi style sabi
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After attending the success of the decorative stream fun, the lagom and style japandi (a mixture between the Japanese and the Scandinavian), it is quite clear that the interior design that triumphs walks towards the paths of the natural, the simple and the authentic. And the wabi sabi style does nothing more than corroborate this fact.

The wabi sabi style, of Japanese origin, brings us closer to what is shown in a natural way, without artifice, although this implies a certain imperfection. Beauty is imperfect, sometimes incomplete, and that is something to value.

So the style wabi sabi commitment austere, simple and not always symmetrical environments. For intimate spaces in which real people live, in harmony with nature and with themselves.

The objective pursued is that of find the balance between a sober house, with few objects and practical elements, and certain objects that are treasured over time for the mere desire to keep them.

Today we tell you what are the 10 commandments of the wabi sabi style for you to know it thoroughly.

1. Style wabi sabi: you will love the natural materials

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To have authentically wabi sabi spaces you will have to surround yourself with organic and natural materials as far as possible. Look for authenticity and reject imitations.

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Put aside synthetic materials, plastic for example, and bet on wood, stone, glass, marble, ceramics, metal ...

2. You will embrace the aging objects

On many occasions, as far as decoration is concerned, the aged has an added value. Especially when it comes to furniture or quality objects, which see their beauty increase as time passes. Well, adopt that mentality and allow your things to age. Sometimes they will do it with more grace and elegance, and sometimes with less.

In any case, do not replace them at the first exchange. And do not speed up the process, making some things look older than they are. Let them age really. It's a matter of time…

3. You will run from the perfect

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Immaculate things, perfect, without marks, do not interest us in the wabi sabi style. We want that the authenticity of life is reflected in our house. A few wrinkles in the curtains, some scratches on the parquet floor, cushions a bit cramped ... These things are very common in a house lived, no need to tell you.

Instead of grumbling (which is what we usually do) and trying to correct them, let's see its hidden charm. I propose the challenge.

4. You will bet on the colors of nature

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The wabi sabi style drinks from the chromatic sources of nature. Therefore, it is mandatory that you choose for your home the colors that prevail in natural environments: in the countryside, on the beach, in the desert or in the mountains.

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Another constant in terms of tonalities is the desire to decorate with neutral colors: white, black and gray are very present. Highlights the importance of nuances, of the variations in the intensity of the tones.

5. You will plant face to the disorder and will keep it at bay

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While it is true that the wabi sabi style advocates the imperfect, that does not mean that we should have the living room or kitchen messy, far from it. The order is important.

It is also essential to realize that we do not need to keep so many things. Many of the objects with which we live are unnecessary.

6. You will let natural light flood everything

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Natural light in abundance, as much as possible. Let her enter your house and circulate freely everywhere, even if you have to sacrifice your privacy.

Open the curtains, lift the blinds and do not turn on the artificial lights until the sun has fallen. Opening the windows is a way of connect with the outside world.

7. You will make a place in your house for nature

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In the form of indoor plants, pots, vases, leaves to decorate, nuts, autumn branches, stones, seashells ... No matter how. The important thing is that the nature elements be present in your interior spaces.

8. You will ventilate and love the fresh air

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Ventilate daily and Let the air of your house be renewed every morning it is the best way to refresh environments, to free them from negative stresses. Now that the cold begins to make its appearance, the best is ventilate several times a day, although for a short time.

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You can also lightly flavor the spaces, as long as it is in a natural way and without excesses.

9. You will look for the balance between the useful and the beautiful

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It is permissible, also in a wabi sabi environment, to bet on things that we like, which are pleasing to our eyes. This may include furniture, accessories and other everyday objects.

And not only that. Also other types of products can be aesthetically pleasing. Like cosmetics and hygiene and beauty products. To choose natural and beautiful things It is totally recommended.

10. You will train the professional look

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Decorating is going composing spaces. Complete environments taking into account various factors (the practical, the decorative, the comfortable ...). Go filling spaces and corners with things that are harmonious.

And, once you're finished, you should look at the global space with the eyes of an interior designer. From a person used to seeing space beyond the object. While the wabi sabi style is minimalist and humble, its natural and simple interiors are well thought out.

After knowing these 10 commandments of the wabi sabi style, you already have all the keys to know if you want to adopt it at home or not. You dare?