Decorating styles, one by one (part II)

Yesterday we explained some of the decoration styles most used today. Today we want to continue reviewing the decorative styles that most attract people's attention so that, knowing them, you can choose the one you like best and the one that best suits your needs and your home.

Rustic: It stands out for the use of noble and untreated natural materials, such as wood, wicker or mat, applied both in objects and utensils as in walls and floors. Importance is also given to crafts and hard fabrics in light colors. It can be a simple or sophisticated style, avoiding overloaded environments.

Kitsch: Kitsch stands out for the predominance of color and shapes, the use of unsightly and garish elements. Pink chewing gum, sky blue, apple green and red colors predominate. The textures used are also very varied: wire, synthetic leather, glass, plastic and paper. Furniture of rare shapes, lava lamps, crazy accessories and all kinds of objects that have to do with art and this type of culture. It also uses curtains of caireles and pillows of hair. In short, any type of pattern or object that is striking and original.

Shabby Chic: The shabby chic stands out in old and updated furniture and objects, maybe a bit worn or with patinas, but that do not look old. Shabby means disheveled, deteriorated, but in this case it looks new, agiornado, and hence the term chic. The shabby chic relies mainly on accessories and furniture. Lamps and chandeliers antique patinated, with caireles and a romantic touch. Old painted or patinated furniture, combined with contemporary fabrics and modern furniture. Upholstery, cushions and curtains with flowers.

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Classical: It is based on the conservative bourgeois house of the last century. It is made up of classic materials that give warmth and comfort, as well as prints, plants, murals, baseboards, cornices, wide curtains and delicate ornaments. The colors he uses are garnets, greens, dark reds and browns; motifs of birds, flowers, fruits and stripes more than squares.