It's already late, December is more than on the way and I have not yet decorated the house, although I have many projects. I have thought about everything but I have not put myself in the task of making my thoughts come true, I must do it ... for the children, for their little friends, for my mother, for my mother-in-law, for my husband. I just have to make the decision and start, get out of bed -to take advantage of the fact that today is a holiday- and take action. I could start with what I like most and I know what it is.

The Christmas tree is, of all the accessories of this stage of the year, what I like to do the most because it is worth the creativity and the result is directly proportional to the good judgment of who decorates it. There are for all tastes, green, white, blue, red, wood, natural (forbidden!), Plastics, etc., and that's just the beginning because to decorate them we find an infinite variety of stars, balls, angels, tinsel , bows, garlands and lights.

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A beautiful accessory to hang on the branches of the tree is GLITTER STAR, designed by TODD MYERS for NAMBE, which adorned with a blue bow looks perfect. This ornament has flashes of light the color of the lighting of your tree because it is made of the glossy metal alloy characteristic of NAMBE articles. Its manufacturing of first quality makes it very durable, as to inherit it from generation to generation, and thanks to its size of 2.25 x 2.25 cm is very easy to store.

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