En Decoration 2.0 we have already seen some creations of the architecture studio H20 Architects, as a house of 6 rooms in 60 m2, and is that his way of organizing the space looking for centimeters where there are not is incredible.

This time it is not a house but a child's room called Eva's Bed. It may be that at first it costs us a bit to guess how it is organized but it is a matter of perspective, and especially to see the final image. To explain it in a simple way, is a module that divides the room in two, since it is installed right in the middle. On one side and another there is space for storage, for games, toys, etc ... and in the center we see the desk and shelves everywhere.

Some stairs lead us up to the upper "floor", where the bed is and passing through a door, which can be closed and opened, we enter from one side to the other.

At the same time it is a room to sleep and work, also a play area and a space to share. As always, a great idea of H2O Architects.

Further information: H2O Architects

Vía: Design Milk