That everything is in place and have a place for everything in the home is almost essential if you want to achieve a harmonious, comfortable and pleasant place. However, every rule needs an exception that confirms it ... In this case, if sometimes we take things out of their usual place, at a decorative and functional level, the results can be ideal.

If you remove one door from its usual place; first remember to replace it with another one and then, the one that is left over, you can join 4 legs to create a table. Here is an example of a door that stops being a door to be a table:

a door that happens to be a table

The result is simply original.

This is also an idea or alternative that can be very helpful if you need a table but do not have enough budget or if you just do not find one that you really like.

But not only the doors are willing to lose their identity in order to offer utility and design; also they cutlery they can stop being what they are to become something that they are not, for example, shooters.


Did it ever occur to you to remove the Forksof the table to place it on the doors as a shooter?
Once seen, maybe you should consider giving your old forks a second chance. Of course, they could make a big difference to the decor and bring a more casual and original air.

After these ideas that show that things are not always what they seem, do you dare to change the role of the objects in your home or are you one of those who prefer "everything in its place and a place for everything"?

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