It is clear that I am an executive, since I have in my hands the responsibility of executing projects, money, even running the kitchen of my house. I also claim that they call me an international executive because what I do, I do in my country of residence and now in nearby countries and Latin America. I'm so executive that even people know it without asking me: it shows up in the way I take the taxi.

In the airline where I started my international tour, in the style of the great rock stars, they also noticed and that added to the fact that they sold the flight as a result of which I was transferred to the Executive Class. Merecimiento or fortuna, I do not ask, I can only say that I loved that they took care of me, that they treated me with kindness, they were available to me smiling and willing. Maybe in the economic class of the plane there were other executives but apparently the one that had the most face was me.

I am already thinking that I have to change office furniture because now that I am an executive of those who travel in business class I should have a space more in line with my status, especially because the changes are paid by the office. The Noveo executive furniture collection is perfect to achieve my goals. The desks can be found in MDF or lacquered glass, the structures are made of tubular steel, the legs of the pieces are made of aluminum. More information on the Website