Although it has been a long time since the launch of the catalog of Ikea 2009 We can still continue to extract things and give you ideas to furnish your home. For example, the bathroom Ronnskar, a model that we loved from the beginning for the simplicity of its forms and at the same time for the elegance it gives to the space.

ikea ronnskar bathroom

As always, to the images that we see in the catalog we can add our own ideas, but here it is demonstrated with some simple furniture we will have a complete bathroom for little money.

The Ronnskar series is made of steel with powder coating and tempered glass and consists of:

- Shelving for the washbasin, it has a price of 19,50 € and some measures of 57 × 42

- Wall shelf, 19,50 € and a few measures of 40 × 22

- Low shelf, has a price of 24,95 € and a 42 × 40 and 103 height

- High shelving, for 34,95 € and one 42,40 measures with height of 176 cm.

For less than 100 € you will have the necessary furniture for a bathroom that will also be decorated with style and elegance.

Further information: Ikea