Going into the Ikea catalog we are discovering little by little their novelties, new elements with already known but improved characteristics, as it is the case of Stiby.

It is a combination of storage in which large drawers were combined, with shelves and space for the television. It comes with an incorporated cable management system, so you do not have everything scrambled behind the furniture.

The shelving doors are sliding so they can be easily moved and also choose whether to leave it open or closed. They are tempered glass panels, translucent, that can be opened and closed leaving the shelves outside and hiding the television, and vice versa. It has a reinforced back panel that keeps the structure in perfect balance and maintains it avoiding having to make holes in the wall.

It is made of ash veneer with pigmented varnish and its dimensions are 312 x 52, and 220 m. Tall. You can get it for 1.091 €.

More information: Ikea