In our usual review of the Ikea catalog, we have been gradually unraveling the novelties that present us for the next year, from the combinations of bedrooms, salons, bathrooms, etc ... more complete to the most spectacular new pieces and the most economical ones.

ikea pink sofa lovas

Precisely in this post we are going to talk about one of the most economical and also more functional that we have found. It's about the sofa Beddinge Lövas. Before decios your prices I will tell you its characteristics.

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It is a three-seater sofa bed, fuchsia laxbro, removable, washable, and 100% cotton. Its dimensions as a sofa are 200 × 104, and 91 cm height. In bed position, measure 140 x 200.

It is very simple to place and is totally comfortable while we use it as a sofa and in the same way if we use it as a bed. In addition, the pink color gives a more cheerful air to the room and floods it with life and color. Its price is 249 €.

ikea pink sofa lovas2

But there is still more. For 20 € plus we can buy a storage box to store under the structure of the sofa bed: a box that is placed under and serves to store quilts and pillows for two people. It is silver gray (like structure) and measures 1645 x 69.

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