Although it sounds old-fashioned - I consider it romantic - and every time it seems less viable that his disappearance can be stopped, I am a music collector in Compact Disc format. I have a small amount, some 300 copies, of very selected music; Complete discographies of important bands of the XX century, some jazz and much of Anglo. The first record I bought, I do not keep it, I got it to the 10 years and was the soundtrack of a Mexican soap opera, which I do not want to remember, of which I still know all the songs.

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I remember perfectly when, on the advice of experts in sound technology, I heard that this format was imperishable and that because of the quality of the audio, its size and the durability of its manufacture, it was unlikely that anything would surpass it. I also remember that when the MP3 appeared, it became a motto for us, the CD collectors, to say that the quality of the digital sound was much lower than that of our beloved discs; that the level of sharpness and detail was minor and that it did not pose a threat to our format.

I remember when I discovered that music libraries and portable 40 gigas players allow you to enjoy much more than a CD player and it was at that moment when I realized that I was not going to be a record buyer anymore, that I would become a collector. I keep buying CDs, I value the object, the booklet with graphic art and I like it, very much in the style of the XX century, to possess materially.

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Like the books, the discs deserve a place for their exhibition. They are our treasure, still friends admire our good judgment when it comes to selecting and there is nothing more pleasant than sitting in the living room, very well accompanied, and playing a favorite music session. The CD RACK shelf allows you to store 90 discs, protects them from dust and gives them visual prominence. It measures 43 inches in height, 8 in width and 5 in depth and can be found in white, red and gray.

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