The kitchen has become the nerve center of the home. And lately we see how he is not only gaining in weight and square meters but, on the other hand, every time It tends more to merge with other spaces in the house. With the dining room, with the living room ... However, we rarely see how it fuses with the outside. And for that, we bring you this example of outdoor cooking that Houzz did in the last edition of House Decor 2016.

It is a kitchen in the middle of the garden. And, although one of the motivations of this progressive change has to do with the search for a better use of space (especially in small flats), another cause is the increasing valuation of the kitchen as a stay of socialization. Who can deny that the chef always stays away from conversations? However, with kitchens like this, there will be no problem. The one who cooks will be able to socialize and talk with the other lucky ones who sunbathe on the terrace. Until now the kitchen was a purely functional space, but why not turn it into a cozy room where you can chat and meet friends?

A kitchen made in Infiniski

outside kitchen

This original kitchen has been designed by Infiniski, a construction firm specializing in modular architecture that has amazing creations like the houses Rate or Manifest (You can see them in your profile on Houzz).

Following a modular and sustainable philosophy, Infiniski has created this outdoor kitchen with the typical form of a house with a roof to a water but modified to open and connect to the outside. With the jadín concretely.

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Its natural iron facade is varnished and gives it a strong presence. And outside, at the foot of the garden, there is a small cozy space. An exterior terrace covered in wood, where the outdoor area of ​​the kitchen is located. It is accessed through sliding glass doors, also made of iron. These give visual and spatial continuity between the interior and the exterior of the kitchen.

How to organize a small and outdoor kitchen

exterior kitchen house decor

And while everything was uniform, inside is a world full of color. The culprits? Nimú, a Madrid interior design studio.

As it is a concept in which interior and exterior are fully integrated, inside there are no walls or borders. The living room and kitchen coexist in the same space. The outdoor kitchen expands along an entire side while the living room is at one end of the room. In fact, the kitchen is extended without losing continuity to the outside, where it is mixed with a small room furnished with two hammocks, some auxiliary tables and a parasol of Gandiablasco.

Exterior kitchen decoration

exterior kitchen house decor

Lighting is one of the strengths of this outdoor kitchen. Not only because of the artificial, but because natural light does its job of wonder. The large window lets in sunlight and fills the room with light and color. However, not only is the glass the only source of light, but it also comes from the roof windows.

It consists of two roof windows with electric opening with remote control (creation of Velux). And if you already hallucinated with the 'remote control', be prepared because They have a built-in rain sensor that causes them to close themselves when it rains.

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And finally, the soil presents A graphic pattern of very eighties geometric shapes. The pastel colors and the earth that alternates the drawing of this floor are the ideal base for the furniture, which by the way is from the Spanish firm Sancal.

What 'pros' do you find in an outdoor kitchen? Do you dare to take the kitchen to the garden? If the answer is yes, you can not miss these tips for decorate a kitchen Exterior. Tell us your ideas!