The American designer Brendan Ravenhill has created an industry-inspired lamps called Facet Lamps. And why do I say they are industrial-inspired? Because its "rudimentary" finish reminds us of the era of the factories of the industrial revolution, back in the nineteenth century. In fact it takes its inspiration from industrial lamps and is derived from the process of construction of the bent sheet.

The material they are made of then goes without saying: veneer.

Facet, means "facets" so we could say that it is a lamp with different facets, faces or personalities, and this is because the same concept applies several different lamps.

There would be four different models that we would find: 3 × 5 is a floor lamp (the only one in the series) blue and with a foot that looks like a tripod of those used for the focus of photography or television studios.

Tea Pentagon Lamp It has the same shape and color as 3 × 5, but it hangs from the ceiling, like The Octagon lamp, in red and with eight faces, hence its name. It is larger and more open than the previous one so the lighting will be greater. Finally The Hexagon desk lamp, is a desk lamp, with three sides, and gray color, like the finish of the sheet.

They really are very original and perfect pieces for a modern and youthful house, and also as an ambience in a design or decoration studio, since they give a plus of originality and style.

More information: Brendan Ravenhill

Vía: Contemporist