We are about to finish the month of July, but the heat does not seem to want to leave us. Every day that passes, it seems to be hotter, and this is killing me. To combat the high temperatures, there is nothing like staying at home and turning on the air conditioning, if we count on it. If not, you have to manage to be as fresh as possible. The problem with air is that it does not always feel good to everyone, may affect our health. Luckily, we can use other alternative facilities that can help us survive without air conditioning in the heat of summer.

Today we want to show you four alternatives that everyone should have in mind. If it is not possible for this year, at least for the next.

Awnings in the windows

We started with an installation that has been accompanying us for many years and that is very usual to see them in the windows of houses and buildings. The installation of an awning in the exterior windows, can reduce the need to use an electric air conditioner to an 80%. This is because it prevents the force of the sun from entering the interior of the house with full force.

If we are thinking about installing this type of structure, it is very important that we place them in all the windows where the sun tightens most strongly. It is also very important to know the keys to choose the right awning.

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Among all the materials that we can find, acrylic awnings are usually the ones that offer the best results. Are able to reduce the interior temperature between 8 and 10 degrees.

Fans but at the correct power

Since I have use of reason, in my house we have always had a fan to combat the heat. This type of electrical appliances, They are responsible for removing the air creating a sensation of freshness. Best of all, it is that they are low consumption devices that will not increase the cost of our electricity bill, unlike the air conditioner where the consumption shoots up.

Within the world of fans, we can find several models, although the standing are those that have a greater range. As well we find ceiling fans, which are installed at a minimum height of 2,10 meters and which are ideal to be placed in bedrooms. By not making much noise, are ideal to cool the environment while we sleep.

Aluminum windows with thermal break

The third installation to survive without air conditioning, is the use of aluminum windows with thermal bridge break. This type of material stands out for being one of the best solutions when it comes to insulating the house for both heat and cold. In summer, it will prevent the heat from completely entering the interior, while in winter it will prevent the heat from escaping.

If we want to achieve a better result yet, we can use smart crystals together with aluminum thermal break windows. These crystals have a novel technological system that prevents them from heating up. It has been proven that the use of these elements can reduce up to half the consumption of gas and electricity in homes.

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Use LED lights

The last of the points to discuss, has to do with the lighting we use in our home. Until a few years ago, the most normal thing was to use incandescent bulbs. In addition to providing light, they also emit heat. This causes that the temperature of a house increases a few degrees when we have them on.

If we want this to not happen, it is best that we bet on the use of LED lighting. These, Besides not giving off heat, it will also help us reduce the electricity bill, since its consumption is much lower. Without a doubt a good option to be used throughout the year.

In addition to these facilities that we have seen to survive without air conditioning in the heat of summer, what other alternatives do you recommend? Encourage and share all your ideas with us. We are waiting for you!