Do you never know where you leave the keys? With this idea you will have them located and also very close to the door, to catch them just when you leave home. It is a felt pendant for the door that can actually be used for many more things, but it occurs to me that "key keeper" is a good idea.


Its realization is very simple and you can choose the color that suits you best so that it combines with your room, with your hall, with the door, etc ...

We need:

- Felt
- Scissors
- Sewing machine


Cut a rectangle in felt and separate a square of the same width. We folded one of the ends of the rectangle forming a pocket, but before we put the box to form two pockets in total. When we have them we sew the sides and end up cutting a circle at the other end, big enough to enter through the knob of our door.


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  1. Original idea to do it yourself.

    We like your blog and we visit it and we consult a lot since we are dedicated to the furniture sector.


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