Feng Shui decoration in children's bedrooms

Feng Shui is not only used for adults, but also has many benefits for boys' bedrooms. It is believed to stimulate balance, relaxation, success and even motivation in the little ones.

To achieve a balance in the lives of the children, we would have to see what things are in your room and what is happening in your life, since the two things together are part of a system that needs to be studied as such. For example, if the child is scattered and has trouble concentrating, then soft fabrics are recommended for the room, with natural sounds and dim lighting.

In turn, it is recommended to create a space that gives the child a sense of security and warmth. This is achieved, for example, by placing the head of the bed against a wall, placing switches at the entrance of the room and next to your bed.

On the other hand, it is recommended to keep an order in the room, trying to eliminate things that are not necessary for the child. For this, they can keep all the toys, books etc. in large boxes or cabinets.
Like adults, children also need rest, so it is recommended to moderate the level of stimulation so that you can induce sleep normally. The very striking colors should be avoided for this reason.