Feng Shui: Your 5 elements and how to use them in decoration

El Feng Shui It is an ancient Chinese philosophy used to create positive energy within a space. First of all you have to know and understand the five elements that make up Feng Shui and then start decorating the house using the Feng Shui as model. The elements we are talking about are earth, fire, water, wood and metal.

Each of these elements represents something different and when used incorrectly can have harmful effects. Here we will give you some tips on the five elements of Feng Shui so you can define the colors and the organization of the space, to create an atmosphere of prosperity and health in your home.

The system Feng Shui is based on eight zones that divide each space and in the five elements mentioned above. Each of these elements has a key role in the space, either at home or in the office.

After using a compass and a plane to create the bagua (energy map), the next step is to look for the elements that control each of the eight areas.

Each one of the five elements of Feng Shui It influences a particular area of ​​life. Knowing what those areas are, we can create the design of the home and the use of furniture and accessories, using the different elements.

Metal: Metal is used to represent the effectiveness and clarity of the spirit. Your work will have a well-defined purpose and good quality when the metal is present.

Water: Water flows freely bringing good luck in abundance. The element increases purity, energy and provides a feeling of freshness.

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Tierra: The earth offers a sense of stability and security to the home.

Madera: Trees They provide oxygen for all living beings. It represents the health of the body. The cures used in Feng Shui they contain wood in their composition. Prosperity in the home is also governed by this element.

Fuego: Fire inspires passion that burns deep inside. The fire element increases the energy of any activity you do, such as work, leisure and even sex life.

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