Today I want to talk about one of the exhibitions that took place in the past 2010 Habitat Fair. It is a different exhibition, "The Three Little Pigs" from Sanserif Creatius, Valencian designers.

In this exhibition we find a sample of very special furniture, since everything is made with corrugated cardboard to give it the consistency it needs to be useful furniture. The furniture that composes this exhibition is biodegradable and / or recyclable since it is made with natural raw materials.

Seeing "The Three Little Pigs" we realize that R & D in Spain is betting on innovation as well as a clear way to promote it, and we can see it clearly in this exhibition.

In addition, "The Three Little Pigs / 3 little pigs" deals with a new approach that is the use of materials and sustainable ecological procedures. Ecological furniture, biodegradable and also based on the reuse of materials.

«The Three Little Pigs» is made up of 12 pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories with a very contemporary design.

We have already seen furniture made of corrugated cardboard, such as Kraft furniture or the sofa Flexible Love