Fox & Freeze is the result of the vision of two Belgian creatives who thought that the felt could be used to create an armchair, only and exclusively the felt. They with James van Vossel y Tom de Vrieze what they created FF1 (short for Fox & Freeze).

It is an indoor armchair made with a square sheet of synthetic felt that has been molded, and which in turn rests on another piece of felt. It has neither steel, nor wood, nor any other material that supports it, only felt. This makes the aesthetic finish much more beautiful, and the truth is that judging by the images holds up quite well.

The leaf and the base are not separated but are connected, sewn, to keep them united and compact. As for the upper square, which makes seat, is achieved by turning and turning the piece once more, as if it were a scarf, to get a finish that makes it comfortable.

Vía: Design Milk