Inviting the children's friends home is usually a plan that does not fail. Gusanitos, chocolate shake and confidences are some of the essential ingredients when it comes to celebrating an authentic Pajamas Party, which would be nothing if it were not finished with the emotion of sleeping all in the same room. For that the beautiful and funny solution proposes it Verboudet with its different models of sleeping bags specially designed for children.

sack girl

They are light, measure 150cm x70cm, cotton 100% the cover and 100% polester the wadding of the interior, therefore can be washed quietly in a washing machine. Soft, easy to transport (includes carrying bag) and ideal to take home from friends or for them to sleep when they come home.

child sack

They are available with prints for children, for girls, and with more or less infantile style. They are sold by catalog and their price is around 33 €.

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