El Feng Shui It basically refers to the understanding of the relationships between nature and human beings. If we apply it to decoration, when we speak of Feng Shui we should try to balance the natural and the material.

feng shui bedroom

Following this rule, there are three basic aspects to follow to apply at home:

The main door: the door of the house must never face another entrance, like the one in the garden. According to this eastern principle positive energy enters through one door and exits through the other.

- A harmonized room: Another of the fundamental principles of Feng Shui is that the room should not be overloaded with furniture and objects, to get people to move around unhindered, as well as energy, otherwise it accumulates and causes stress or excessive aggressiveness.

Bed: the head of the bed must be placed in the most suitable position for the person who sleeps in that place, it is assumed that depending on the date of birth his placement will be more or less propitious, although the provision North South It is always advantageous. Head to the north, feet facing south. But above all we must avoid that the header is under a window.

The mirrors: in the case that we have a mirror at the entrance of our home, it must always be located on one side of the door and never in front of it, because the positive energy that enters, bounces off its surface and leaves our home hopelessly .

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