We are not completely calm when our family and ourselves, we consume water without purifying, although we know that in many occasions the quality of the mineral is assured. We have in our list of projects to buy a purifier but they are so expensive, bulky and unattractive, that we delay the decision and it remains unspecified.


The beautiful filter CAVIAR: MARCATO, from the French design house AQUAOVO, has a great size; it measures 66 cm high, 28 cm high, 36 cm deep and weighs 23 pounds, when it is empty, so already the bearing should not worry us. It also has a performance of four liters of water that is filtered in twenty minutes and the total capacity of the tank is 11 liters. Nor should we think much about maintenance since it is very easy to clean both inside and outside, since, being made of porcelain and glass, it is washed like any other piece of crockery. Its AGUACRISTAL ecological filtering technology uses a filter that must be removed every four months, when, according to regular use, around two thousand liters of water have been purified. The amount of pollutants and impurities that are removed is greater than that of traditional filters

The design house, which aims to develop products that respect and conserve the environment, has created this unit by reducing the use of plastic in its manufacture and, above all, avoiding its contact with pure water. Almost all the materials that are used in the construction of the filter are ceramics free of chemical agents and glass. Only a small portion is silicone and polypropylene, the most neutral and stable plastic, are used in the particle separator filter. More information about this and other organic products on the website www.aquaovo.com