These images correspond to a house that is called Fish House, and it is a house in perfect harmony with nature.
This dream house is located in Singapore and is the work of Guz Arquitects.

Fish House is a bungalow type construction, but it does not look like the bungalows we find in Spanish things, it is a charming house, which aims to capture the essence of Singapore and its warm and humid climate.

This house has many open spaces so that ventilation is assured, in addition to providing the lucky ones who live in it a great view of the sea. At the time of building this house, what its creators gave more importance was to the concept of union or harmony with nature, and this is perfectly reflected in the pool that is linked to both the green landscape and the sea.

A house with clear inspirations in the fishermen's houses of the area, and that in its preparation used materials that respect the environment, such as the use of solar panels, the use of roofs, the use of wood as the main element in the interiors.

Without a doubt Fish House is an exotic house to spend a dream life.

Vía: Contemporist