Although it is still hard for many to believe it, lighting in our home is a fundamental part of the interior design and subsequent decoration of each and every one of our spaces. From equipping an area to the fullest in order to make it extremely practical and functional, to enhance comfort and warmth in a corner that until now called your attention. Aspects all of them that you will be able to experience through their incorporation and without which you will not be able to pass once you experience the benefits and sensations that they are able to bring in your home. So today, In order not to neglect it while staying up to date, I bring you a lot of ways to accommodate a flexo in the living room. An incorporation the sea of ​​modern and original with which you will give a touch of magazine to yours.

flexo in the salon
Source: My house magazine

An industrial touch

Although each and every one of the flexos brings a clear industrial air to our decoration, the truth is that Depending on the model, color and style in question, we can accentuate this character almost where we want. The flexos that are made up of an extendable arm, further enhance this effect, so if you feel like incorporating a touch of clear contrast to your living room, encouraging you to welcome them will be everything you are looking for.

flexo in salon II
Source: KP Decor Studio

XXL Flexos

If we talk about original floor lamps that you will love, we cannot fail to name the ones that make up the XXL flexos. And it is that in addition to its versatility and comfort of use due to its complete articulation, they will almost magically become the undisputed protagonists of the space. Bet on light or neutral colors so that your presence does not end up taking over all eyes while you end up getting tired over time, and it looks a distinctly different touch capable of bringing a touch of functional light to any place in your living room.

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flexo in salon III
Source: Macarena Gea

Long live functionality!

What better places to enjoy at home than those offered by day stays. So making them comfortable and functional depending on the activities we like to do in them, it will be vital to make the most of them, don't you think? In the case that I show you below, enhancing the natural light that enters through the window is essential to make the most of this corner. And what better support point than a window ledge to accommodate a flexo in the living room.

flexo in room IX
Source: Ikea

Lean on the walls

Among the ideas to decorate the walls of our home, one thousand and one initiatives will be applied in order to show as original as personal effects at home. But ... have you ever thought that your own lighting can also be part of them in the most decorative of ways? And in terms of style when it comes to incorporating a flexo in the living room, you will find many and very different options that will bring to your walls a plus in every way the beautiful sea.

flexo in room VI
Source: Clota

Also if you want a subtle touch

For those who look in a functional and unnoticed touch there are also options. If in addition your particular flexo is the same color as the wall on which it is located, then even more.

Flexo in the lounge: Also horizontal

If your space is small, or if you love clear and unobstructed spaces, especially at ground level, the versions to look directly from the wall will undoubtedly be what best suits your tastes and lifestyle. And as it shows a button, look at what a harmonious and functional reading point they have managed to shape through one of these in the space that I show you below.

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flexo in room V
Source: Scandinavian Retreat

Suitable for the most distinguished

In both desktop and standing versions, There are fixed flexos for the living room although with adjustable head with which to provide an elegant and distinguished touch It will be a piece of cake. It will only be a matter of patience and good taste when searching! ;)

flexo in salon VII
Source: Icons Corner

Bet on the contrast

This type of luminaire goes unnoticed at all. But if you also enjoy a practically monochromatic hall and play to contrast with its incorporation, let alone. You will bring an eclectic touch, casual and the last one that will undoubtedly surprise your own and strangers with its decorative effect in the room.

flexo in salon VII
Source: Nomad Bubbles

As wall sconces

Wherever you need it most, you can accommodate them. And if on top of the model you choose has an articulated arm, you will multiply its possibilities and of course the radius of action in your home.

flexo in salon X
Source: Lundin

As you can see, many and very diverse are the forms, ideas and places where you can welcome yours in the busiest and busiest stay for everyone. Bet on the version that best suits your style and way of life and don't miss yours!