Floor coverings with ceramics

The wide variety of designs and colors in ceramic floors allows to install really creative coatings. If you want the floor of your house to be much more than the surface of passage to become a protagonist of the decoration, we give you some ideas to combine tiles of different colors and sizes, and create colorful compositions in mosaic.

The important thing is that the colors chosen for the floor are integrated into the tonalities of the decoration, without overwhelming. A balanced option is to make a coating with multi-colored ceramics only on a portion of the floor surface, as if installing a striking ceramic carpet. The balance is also achieved by contrasting the multicolored floor with simple and monochromatic furniture.


The combination of elongated tiles in warm tones enhances the white of a dining room. The lining can be extended on a high base, further exploiting the joy that bright red and different shades of orange give. Raw walls and a simple design lamp serve to complement the debauchery of the ceramic.

A few simple tiles in primary colors is the first great decorative element for a children's bedroom full of life and charm. Again, the complement between the intensity of the floor and the neutrality of the white walls is what gives harmony to the ambience.