Today Decoration 2.0 we tell you how to make a very decorative ecomanuality using cardboard as a material.

This craft does not require large investments and will help us provide that special and original touch we are looking for.

For Christmas, a party or simply to add a touch of color, we can use this beautiful cardboard pendant in any of our rooms.

The materials we will need will be:

- Corrugated cardboard

- Smooth cardboard
- Stamped paper or wallpaper for us
- Sharp blade
- Some buttons
- Glue
- Tape

The combination of both types of cartons will be the secret of this craft. First we cut ovals, these will simulate the leaves. Cut out how many sheets of cardboard you need for your composition, this time they have needed between 20 and 30 sheets.

To provide color we will cover printed paper and plain paper. We will select the colors and textures that we like the most and draw attention.

Once all the leaves dry, it only remains to glue them together forming the crown. Finally we can decorate it with everything we like, for example with buttons.

Remember to put a ribbon of color, this way we can hang the ornament where we like.