Oh! flowers! They are beautiful and beautiful ... they can decorate entire rooms providing a cheerful, sophisticated and elegant touch. But flowers will not last forever fresh, so today in 2.0 decoration we tell you some Tips to keep your flowers fresh for longer.

Although it is customary to place the flowers in a vase of water, before doing this we must cut the base of the stem. Try to do it diagonally.

When you fill the vase or the chosen container, water try not to be cold is a great success. The stems of the flowers support better the water at room temperature.

Ethylene gas influences the flowers causing them to wilt before time. This gas is contained in some fruits such as apples, plums or pears, so we will keep the fruit trees away from the flowers.

For a better conservation we will change the water every 3 days, wash the vase or jar and, if possible, add a floral conservator.

The best containers to contribute to the conservation of the flowers will preferably be opaque or colored glass ... we will try to avoid the transparent ones.

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