We work a lot, at home or at the office, we take care of the children, of the plants, everything is clean and it is their place, our family has an orderly life and for that reason healthy. We deserve the recognition of our work every day and if we do not receive it as constantly as we would like it is not a reason to be sad, we can give ourselves a feast; in our own company. It happens that many times we want to do a tribute and all are created for the family, they are not owned by a single person. The apple cakes have twelve pieces, the pizzas too, a chocolate fondue is to share with at least 3 more people. Fortunately everything has a solution and for some cases there are individual portions.


In the case of the fondue it would seem a little more complicated to solve but it is not like that thanks to the appreciated complement of kitchen CHOCOLATE FONDUE SET. With a measure of 12 centimeters in height, this mini fondue, designed by the Danish artist Jakob Wagner, allows to keep the contents warm. The chocolate maintains its consistency thanks to the intelligent design that consists of a lower part, with a thermal light, and an upper one, the cup that maintains the temperature and the liquid chocolate without boiling or burning. This accessory is made of porcelain and synthetic material. For more information, visit the website www.jakobwagner.dk.

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  1. I liked the beginning of the comment about the indivudual fondue because it is "very" true.
    It is common that when we have visitors we do things but not to give ourselves a pleasure.

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