Life with a sprained ankle is another thing, behind are worries, worries, time, schedules, behind is the passage of life. Every total activity of daily life becomes all the things that are possible to do in a radius of action diminished, in geography, and dramatically increased due to the capacity of the media. A hurt ankle puts me to the test in my ability to face that world.

It is true that we started to become a class of people who work from home and do not need to move around the city. To me the idea never seemed so outlandish to me and I saw it with pleasure although it was as impossible as having a mobile phone. Now that I am limited I feel that mobile phone, email and social networks are much more important.

In honor of technology we can already have some furniture. It is fun and aesthetically very enriching. The Mac Maxi table designed for Furniture Concept, is perfect to give something of the beautiful Mac style to some space that deserves it. If there would be a great Mac machine surely, closed, it would look like this. More information on the Web page