Seeing this design Form_Z01 I have remembered one of the designs that most caught my attention because of its maximum space saving: Matrioska It was a room made of modules and this Form is something very similar. It also extends to create new spaces and also saves space to the maximum.

The designer, Vladimir Yuzbahev, created a piece of furniture that during the day is a desk mounted on a platform, with lateral and upper storage spaces. At night (or at any time of the day) a bed arises to sleep peacefully and it is saved effortlessly in the morning.

But it still surprises us with more and behind the desk, although it is not well appreciated, there is a space for the closet, with shelves and a bar to hang hangers.

The designer created it as a room for teenagers, and the certain thing is that it is a youthful creation, but it can come well for anyone and will adapt perfectly to small flats, studios or lofts. The design was the winner of the Red Dot 2009 contest.

Vía: Is-Arquitectura