One of my most precious treasures is an abundant collection of photographs on paper that my mother inherited from me. It's about a couple of albums lined in dark brown leather full of shots of my extended family: from the parents of my grandparents and their brothers to my entire generation, including cousins ​​and friends, we are portrayed in the most significant moments of our lives, or at least those who were worthy to be kept in memory.

Now with digital cameras everything has changed because although we have the possibility of photographing everything we want, we have the problem that we photograph everything we want and in the end we find an immeasurable digital file, full of thousands of photos that actually We do not want to consevar but we are unable to select.

Imagen 5

A wonderful idea for this end of the year is to select one of our husband's favorite photos, where he looks handsome or we do not see pretty ones by his side, and frame it in a photo frame. It will give an additional value to the shots that have been lost and that only recover when we pay special attention. The SKY FRAME photo frame, made of wood, stainless steel and glass, was designed by NEIL COHEN at 2006 with the idea of ​​recovering the tradition of photography as a living document. Its size is 8 x 10 inches. More information on the Website