The Danish brand "Design by Frandsen", in the market since the 60 decade, does not stop presenting innovations. Recently launched a lighting collection signed by the designer Henrik Pedersen and we bring it to you, decorator 2.0, at first hand.

Twice a year, the brand updates its offer, creating unique pieces of interior and exterior lighting, designed for the decoration of residential spaces, in a first phase, but recently with great projection in luxury shopping areas, such as restaurants, hotels as a rich and differentiated decoration.

And by far, this bet of the brand, is evident in small details of valorization of the product itself and consequently of the "Design By Frandsen", such as the placement of small and discreet labels "design by Henrik Pedersen" on the screens of the models whose images we will show you here.

Quality and Good Taste

Quality, good taste and design of choice are three adjectives that can define this Henrik Pederson line for whom design is assumed as important as breathing.

clip_image002The creator puts together the pieces an emblematic phrase that, in short, confesses, "Design touches people with their form and functionality, in such an intimate way that is able to speak to your soul"

This importance is revealed in the elegance and balance of these creations that were presented at the Light and Building Fair in Frankfurt.

This is the case of the "Daddy Longleg" candlestick, a table or floor version, in different dimensions, with fabric screens and metal feet.


Another proposal that we highly recommend is the "Gravity" model. It is a suspension lampstand that elegantly defies gravity without ever "going out of business"

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Frandsen Lighting, the division of the brand Design by Frandsen, focused on the development of the lighting offer, opted for this Henrik Pederson line and thus maintained the objective of creating products for those who, as they themselves confess, "good taste is more important than the price "


They are those people who will have the opportunity to experience the environments created by this type of lighting, more or less personalized according to the needs of the space itself, choosing the color and intensity of the light that will be diffused by each lampstand.

This is the case of the Megaphone model, available in three different colors and which, just like the rest.

Terence Conran

clip_image004The elegance, luxury and sophistication of these proposals, compete with the classic and timeless style of other editions of the brand

An example of this are the creations of Terence Conran, one of the best-known designers worldwide and creator of "Habitat", a brand that was somehow responsible for a certain democratization of design, making a series available to the general public. of pieces and lines of furniture and decoration accessories with more than accessible prices.


After retiring from active life, Frandsen Lighting acquired the rights to promote and sell the line "LIGHT BY CONRAN". This was another step in the expansion of the brand that currently has a room in Gedved, Denmark of about 6 thousand square meters built that serve as a space for the entire company that currently consists of: Frandsen Lighting, Frandsen Projekt and Verpan.