Frank Owen Gehry is one of the most prominent architects in the design and construction landscape. Its incredible buildings are pure contemporary art.

This architect, settled in the United States, has been winner of multiple Awards and, of course, recognized by the curious buildings. Innovation, in the design of buildings, presents a clear experimentation in architecture.

Frank Owern Gehry starts from an artistic architecture, whose meaning is culminate the work of art -the building- as if it were a sculpture.

Gehry has worked very hard in all his projects, always in the same direction without forgetting the functionality of the architecture and the integration of the building in its surroundings... like this impressive medical center.

Frank has managed to make a change in the way of seeing contemporary architecture, freeing it from the usual constrictions of construction.

Among many of his works, we can highlight hotels, museums, medical centers or schools. In Spain we enjoy some of his great works as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao or the Marqués de Riscal Hotel, in Álava.

Según Frank, says that like many new buildings "at first it seems a little strange, but then they are consolidated in the minds; the building needs its time "and that is to find something similar to this ... At the beginning, it is difficult to understand how it stands. It is a true virgin of architecture.

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