For activities, with the little ones, today we bring you a perfect craft to perform with children. This bottles they are an ideal job, simple, economic and, above all, decorative.

With them we can decorate any corner of the house providing an environment original and curious.

The materials what we are going to need are:

White sugar

Colored chalks
Glass jar
Refractory paints
Plastic tray

First let's make the colored sand. For this we take a container, for example a bowl and add sugar and chalk of the color we want. The chalk should be scratched and then mixed with the sugar.

Mix well both elements and you will see how the sugar is colored of the chosen color. Once the technique is learned, we will make sand of various colors. All that we like!

When we have all the colors ready we will only have to fill the jars with them. Make different compositions, the ideal is to fill a jar with two or more colors. To help you use a funnel.

To finish we can add a shade of color decorating the lid of the bottle. We can put colored ribbons or paint, the same, with any color that we like.