Are you thinking about giving a new look to your kitchen but do not know how? Renew the front of the countertop It is a good idea: you have many suitable materials to do it and you will be able to completely change the space. Find out what is the best front for you.

front of the countertop
Source: Ikea

The space that is just in front of the countertop is one of those critical areas that exist in the kitchen. Both the part where the fires are and the corner of the sink, it is an area very exposed to dirt and splashes.

Por eso It is good to protect the wall in some way, with a material that is resistant and easy to clean. You will have to cover a space between 40 and 70 cm above the countertop.

On the other hand, cover the front of the countertop with a different material to the rest of the wall will give your kitchen a very attractive and professional touch. Do you want to discover all the options at your fingertips?

Tiles for the front of the countertop

Source: Schmidt Kitchens

You may have all the kitchen walls of tiles but, if it is not like that, you have to know that they are a perfect covering for the front of the countertop. They are practical, clean and, in addition, very decorative.

One of the incentives to use ceramic to line the sill of the wall that is just above the countertop, is the great variety of designs and models what you can find There are tiles for all tastes and decorative styles.

Source: Ikea

It does not matter if your kitchen is classic, minimalist, rustic or Nordic. There is a perfect tile for you. Personally, I love them the subway type tiles, They give the kitchen a modern mid-century air.

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In any case, the variety is vast, and the advantages of the innumerable tiles. Among all, I'll take the ease to clean them. Daily maintenance can not be easier. Just spray a multipurpose degreaser and a cloth. Perfect!

Stainless steel for an industrial touch

Source: My Inox Panel

If you want to give a very professional touch to your domestic kitchen, nothing like betting on stainless steel and the industrial style appliances. Your kitchen will resemble the stove of an upmarket restaurant.

In this sense, it is a good idea to coat the front of the countertop with a stainless steel plate, especially in the fire zone. This material is very resistant and withstands high temperatures, splashes and stains. It is not difficult to clean with a specific product that finishes off the grease and gives back the shine to the steel.

One of the advantages of placing a steel plate on the countertop sill is that You do not need to do any kind of work. It gets without any problem holding it on the wall, very easily and in a moment.

A glass sill

Source: Vidriopanel

Put On a glass plate in the area of ​​the wall that is just above the countertop is an original and decorative way to protect that area. Just as there are countertops of this material, you can place a sill on the wall easily and quickly.


It is a totally material resistant to heat and humidity. And, contrary to what it may seem, it is very resistant. The only drawback is that it can be somewhat expensive, at least more expensive than the rest of the materials of which I speak in this article. But everything depends on the size of your kitchen, and the priorities you have when it comes to renewing it.

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Microcemento, a very modern touch

Source: Luxury Ciment

That the microcement is a material that came to revolutionize the world of interior decoration is no novelty. Because of its versatility, its ease of use and its many applications, microcement has won many admirers.

Both microcement and the cement Polished are perfect for floors and walls, for countertops and, of course, for the front of the kitchen countertop. It will give the space a simple air, industrial style, a bit rustic ...

With regard to the qualities of the microcemento, I will mention some: besides being a very resistant material, It is totally waterproof so it is not affected by water or stains. You can choose between many tonalities. Of course, you will need to be installed by a professional, if you want the result to be optimal.

Laminated front, available to everyone

Source: Maderas Santana

It is an alternative to take into account when the countertop is also laminated. If so, and you put a coating of this type on the front of the countertop, you will achieve fabulous visual continuity.

In addition to being very easy to install, so you can do it yourself, a laminate coating can be placed without any problems on any wall, be it paint, tiles, etc. Of course, you have to be careful with the heat, since the laminate can deteriorate in contact with very high temperatures.

Natural stone or compact quartz

Source: Ikea

Although it is not the same material, both are valid options to coat the front of the countertop. If this is granite, For example, it will be great to add an equal plate on the wall sill. And the same thing happens when it comes to a compact quartz countertop. Rate prices, models and finishes, and keep this option in mind if you are going to change the countertop (then is the perfect time to do it).

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As you can see, there are many different options for Choose the material for the front of the countertop. Everything depends on your tastes and your budget. Cheer up!