The spirit of Juan Valdez can be in your house, what do you not know who Juan Valdez is? If you have ever drank coffee from Colombia you must know it because you have tried your favorite product. The character was created by the coffee growers of Colombia with the purpose of creating an identifying and distinguishing mark for the coffee of their country, someone or something that represents them.

Once you know the history of Juan Valdez, now you can understand that his spirit lies in the existence of coffee and is that the object that we show below is a bag of coffee, but giant.

In fact, so giant that we can sit on it, but do not worry we will not grind the coffee with our body because in reality this bag is filled with recycled polystyrene.

On the outside they are hemp, like the traditional bags of coffee, and the inner cover is made of eco-friendly cotton.

You can already imagine that it is a puff made with bags of coffee, specifically with eight original bags of coffee obtained from different parts of the world, even with the original impressions of each bag. A totally ecological product. Contrary to what we can think they do not come from Colombia, but they are manufactured in Stockholm, by the company Green Furniture Sweden, and designed by Johanna Hansson.

Its price is 308 euros and can be obtained through the Internet.

More information: Green Furniture Sweden