Creating spaces of sensory characteristics is a task that would seem destined for a few creatives, it is true that Developing them is possible if we understand the concepts that predispose this decoration.

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Therefore, we will highlight the presence of sources abroad and its aesthetic conformation as a sensory element that predisposes to the development of the senses in an environment that, due to its creational nature, seems to be its sole objective.

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The task of our gardener turns him into a decorator, since he will not only have to watch over the development of the species, but also the combination of colors and aromas that these generate in the garden, idealizing which areas will belong to the logical route of the same, and which will be developed under the form of permanent stay.

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The aroma, the colors, and the combination of these are essentially sensorial characteristics, which predispose to the use of the senses to enjoy the space, but leaving aside the task or work of the gardener, we find similar accessories those that we implement in the interior that develop the patterns of space, including furniture, and decorative ornaments, such as pots, statues, and fountains being these of an important capacity.

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The capacity of the fountains in the garden has several strong points, firstly its purely sensorial character, taking us the sound of the water in movement and the undeniable beauty of this liquid master and lord of life on the planet, also the attraction to desirable species in the landscape like the hummingbird, added to its character aesthetic oriented to the avant-garde or ethnic decoration very popular in green spaces.

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Arthrome recognizes these characteristics and poses a beautiful fountain for the garden, made entirely in fiberglass with a remarkable Finnish and carrier of a singular beauty, which imitates perfectly the beauty of the stone, it is a buddha's head, a religious and ethnic object highly associated with the inner peace and relaxation.

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David Harber is a brilliant creator who is mainly committed to the avant-garde, and this is evident in its line of outdoor fountains "Chalice", an ideal source to decorate and decorate small spaces highlighting the pure and vital beauty of the metallic elements, the water inside develops elliptical movements overflowing the source and delivering a remarkable illusion for the sensory development of space.

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Within the decoration of ethnic character is highlights n Japanese fonts, garden fountains of respectable dimensions that have ample rest becoming the same Cascading time and rest, ideal for developing aquatic species of great beauty such as the lotus, while the movement generated by the waterfall predisposes senses and filters the water to keep it in ideal conditions for life.

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