As mentioned in the previous article, the transformations of the homes or zones of the same, many times are complete: but it is requested to keep some existing furniture, such as a piece of furniture in the room, accessories, etc.

There is a lot of tendency to use colors in dark tones or colors with presence, that is, which are the compositions of earth, brown and copper colors, apart with complements with neutral colors, which provide a visual richness and great warmth to the environments.

Also, you always tend to have to create something notoriously more sophisticated in the area of ​​the room, but many times the room may be communicated with other areas, as the dining room or the room, that is why when these cases are found, you have to establish colors that obviously combine and make a good game with the colors of the area to which they are connected.

Other recommendations that we have for you, when you want to create a timeless style, are the following:

  • For a timeless style, avoid the introduction of too avant-garde accessories.
  • Use colors that enhance the elegance of the environment and are pleasant to see for a long time.
  • Choose furniture with simple and elegant design, made of materials of great durability.
  • If interconnected spaces are decorated, make sure that the decoration harmonizes and does not interrupt the view.
  • Consider the use of art pieces, which give an added value to the home.